55. 10 things that make you happy (not people)

  1. Sunrises
  2. My Dawg
  3. Internet 
  4. Rubbish Bins
  5. Green grass.
  6. Volleyball.
  7. Food
  8. Animals
  9. Music.
  10. Smiles


54. Four favourite films and why you love them.

She’s The Man - Cause I’m the man (HUR SEE WHAT I DID THERE?)



The Dark Knight - Y SO SERIOUS ?! 


53. 3 of your favourite experiences.

  • Surin
  • Sleeping over at the best friend’s on a study night and getting owned by kittens…
  • Any sort of travelling that I have ever done :) 


51. Two things you wish you could do.

  • Download information into my brain like and just flash at every single question and its answer etc.
  • Eat without getting fat…


48. Seven fears/phobias.

  • Failing (in any way shape or form in any area of life)
  • Being alone (universal)
  • Extreme fear of losing loved ones (I.e. Best friend, Family, Hazel)
  • Not being good enough
  • Cockaroaches…to a degree *shudders*
  • I’m scared of not making people proud/happy? (e.g. Parents, Friends)
  • Falling In Love .

Pet Peeves.

47. Eight things that annoy you.

  1. Michelle Zhang
  2. Michelle Zhang
  3. Michelle Zhang
  4. People disturbing my introverted study AT HOME.
  5. People not letting me shout them stuff LOL
  6. Michelle Zhang
  7. Michelle Zhang
  8. Michelle Zhang


46. Nine things you do every day.

  1. Wake up
  2. Brush teeth
  3. Splash water on face (and have perfect skin)
  4. Check Texts (the second I wake up)
  5. Annoy someone with a text as soon as I wake up.
  6. Shower.
  7. Sleep.
  8. Eat.
  9. Smile

Bits & Pieces

45. Ten random facts about yourself.

  1. I am surprisingly amazingly good at the game ‘Stacks/Stacker’
  2. I am moderately emotionally unstable (at times)
  3. I like seafood - Raw and Cooked etc.
  4. Music is a big part of my life.
  5. I study Veterinary Science at Uni (Blatantly Obvious)
  6. I am a girl!
  7. I am quite extraverted.
  8. I am organised only when I want to be.
  9. I like to sing?
  10. I have a bin for a friend.


Write a letter to…44. The last person you kissed (on the cheek etc)

Dearest Noob,

When someone cuts a cake and the knife comes out dirty, THEY kiss you…you don’t kiss them. This also applies if they cut the cake and touch the bottom. Please remember this the next time you attend someone’s birthday - or else you will look like what you looked like for mine; a noob.

Besides that HI, Your Facebook is deactivated…lol Mine too. Goodluck for these exams my nightly owl brother. Can’t wait to train with you in Canberra these coming July Holidays!



Write a letter to…43. Someone you’ve drifted away from

Dearest you,

I hope you’re well. I know we haven’t talked for a long time ~ We both go to different universities and have different groups of friends, but you’ll always be my soulbuddy =)



Write a letter to… 42. Your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend/love/crush

Dearest Ex-Crush (lol),

Hey you, how’s it going? Hope everything is well and that you’ll do superbly well for your upcoming exams (As I know you will).

Haven’t talked for a while, can’t say that I blame anyone, it was my choice not to talk to you etc. You’re a good person, I know that (have known that for a while). I hope you’ve gotten over those barriers that you tried to overcome last year about certain aspects of your life. I hope you’re still as awesome as I knew you were and would be.

We should hang out sometime. Not that anyone would recommend it for me but I think I’ve grown from the last time I saw you (Don’t we all grow?) I’d apologise again but I think you’d tell me to stop apologising (vice versa).

I’m not gonna lie, I still think we’d be good friends. You once thought so too, maybe our timing was just off, I don’t know. But I would like to sit down one day with a group of our fellow friends and laugh at some anecdotes and what not - have a couple of drinks (Cause you’re such an alco jks lol).

Anywho, goodluck for your exams and I’d defs see you soon when Semester starts again. We’ve got quite a bit to catch up on…and many stupid things in the past to look over and laugh at :P


Pictures & Words.

Write a letter to… 40. Your best friend

Dearest Bin,

By now you probably already know my style of writing and how I just love to be uber emotional and dramatic especially in the middle of the night. By now you’re probably already somewhat frustrated and annoyed at my existence with the ringing and vibrating of your trusty phone and my constant need to troll you on every social site possible.

By now you probably think I’m the devil or this:

And just because I showed you that ^ you’re probably thinking:

And I’m sitting laughing at the image in my head of you which is this:

You being the kid of course …Poor Unicorn. And I’m probably the sister behind you there looking at you & internally facepalming myself.

However, despite the many things you know and have experienced (by now) there are still many things that you don’t know. You don’t know all my special secret talents ;) You don’t know how many teeth I have ;) You don’t know who named me and why they named me that ;) You don’t know how well/shit bad I am doing and how I’m going to do in these upcoming exams (no winky face) and you certainly don’t know what I’m going to be eating for dinner tonight.

Why do I say this? Not because I want to shove it in your face that you know nothing about me (and me you) but to remind you (and me) that even if you don’t know, I intend on keeping you around so you do know…And on that day

…You will just stare at me and continue to call me weird. (Anti-Climax)


A. =)

And just to end this on your favourite note …or fluffly creature that can kill me:


39.  Introduce your BEST/Close FRIEND(S) & how you guys met.

(In no particular order)
Michelle Z
- Met in Vet School
Tien V.T - Met in Vet School
Jess W(1) - Met in Vet School
Michelle KPL - Met at English Tutoring (officially)
Julie Tu - Semi-Met at Hurlstone AHS.
Ranie N - Met in Maths Tutoring

Dear my very good friends,

Thanks for spending my birthday with me eating fattening food and talking awkwardly (Yes Michelle L I have learnt my lesson). I’ve had a lovely 3-day lengthy birthday seeing most of you guys 3/4 times. It really means a lot to me that you guys came and like a wise Michelle (z) once said to 'What do you want for your birthday?'; "I just want to spend it with my friends" and that’s pretty much what I did…give and take awkward kisses, stares, moments and laughs.

I dare say this is probably one of the best (if not best) birthdays that I will ever have in my lifetime and thank god I’m only 19 (looking forward to many years ahead with you guys).

It’s exams time now so all our heads are down and tails up as we study for a future where more birthdays can be celebrated extravagantly when we become all filfy rich …LOL jks, some of us do Vet Science.

Goodluck guys and I will see you on the other side of the exams :) <3